ProForm - Carbon Strength Power Rack XL (2nd)

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Designed to deliver a full-powered workout from the comfort of your own home gym, the Carbon Strength Power Rack XL combination from ProForm is the pinnacle of the Carbon strength line. An independent flat utility bench (sold separately) can be used together with multiple stations to support your strength-building exercise from warmup to cooldown. This power rack features a vast array of workout stations, including bench press, squat, rack pull, pull-up, and shoulder press posts. Integrated weight storage allows you to organize your own Olympic-sized weight plates (sold separately) when not in use, cutting down on clutter in your home gym. A landmine press attachment holds your own Olympic-sized barbell (not included) so that you can train your shoulders and upper chest, and a resistance band attachment gives the option to tone muscle across your entire body. An included exercise chart - designed by a certified personal trainer - teaches new exercises and illustrates proper form so you can avoid injury. The Carbon Strength Power Rack XL also allows you to prioritize your safety with adjustable spotting arms and upgraded J-hooks with plastic bushing.


Olympic Sizing

This power rack is compatible with Olympic-sized barbells and 2" weight plates, which are not included.

Multi-Functional Design

This Four Post Power Rack features seven strength-building stations, allowing you to totally replace your gym membership with convenient home exercise.

Bench Press Station

Target your chest and shoulders by performing flat, incline, and decline bench press.

Squat Rack

Develop your quads, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, and core with this powerful compound exercise.

Rack Pull Station

Build lean muscle in your back, shoulders, and biceps by performing rack pulls with progressive weight.

Two-Sided Pull-Up Station

This versatile power rack comes with a double-sided pull-up station.

Shoulder Press Station

Isolate your deltoids and triceps with this powerful shoulder press integration.

Adjustable Spotting Arms

Whether you are performing a shoulder press, bench press, squat, or other compound exercises, these adjustable spotting arms move to fit your frame and provide essential safety as you exercise.

Upgraded J-Hooks with Plastic Bushing

Use these adjustable J-hooks to rack your Olympic barbell after each set.

Landmine Attachment

Develop your upper chest, shoulders, and triceps by securing your own Olympic barbell (sold separately) to this effective attachment.

Resistance Band Attachment

Use your own resistance bands (not included) to tone muscle in your upper and lower body.

Exercise Chart Included

Guide your exercise with this chart designed by certified personal trainers to teach new techniques and proper form.

Weight Capacity

This rack has a 310-pound load limit, a 300-pound user capacity, and a 610-pound total weight capacity

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