A Starter Guide To Strength Training

A Starter Guide To Strength Training

A Starter Guide To Strength Training

New research shows a harsh truth: 53% of Americans are not living healthy.

Regardless of their income level, many feel a lack of understanding is what is holding them back. You may even feel the same way.

Now for the good news: a healthy lifestyle is possible. Part of that healthy lifestyle is regular strength training. Don't worry about not understanding strength training - this starting guide will get you started.

What Is Strength Training

When you think of strength training, you probably think of weight lifting. However, weightlifting is only one method of strength training.

Free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, and using your own body weight are all viable ways of building muscle via strength training. Even if you have little or no access to weights, you can still strength train.

Your muscles allow you to move, so improving them via strength training and building muscle will make your overall health better. Pair it with cardio and a healthy diet and your fitness journey will be well underway.

Your Exercise Guide to Living Healthy

So how do you get started with strength training? You can start immediately, by exercising at home with some strength-building routines.

Here are some easy exercises to start you with getting fit at home.

Bicep curls

Stand with your arms extended in front of you, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Make sure your palms are facing upward.

Slowly curl the weights up, in the direction of your shoulders. Then slowly lower them.


Stand with your feet a little wider than your hips apart. Sit back and down, keeping your knees in line with your toes. Make sure your weight is lept in your mid-foot, not in the toes.

Once you have squats down, you can eventually add weights.

Front Lunge

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, standing with your feet together. Step forward with one foot, lowering until both knees form 90-degree angles.

Puss off your front heel and step back. Once you have returned to your starting position, repeat, this time on the other side.

Lateral Raise

Stand with your palms in, arms down by your sides. Raise your arms to shoulder height, keeping them straight.

Other Exercises

Other exercises for strength training include push-ups, crunches, deadlifts, and hammer curls.

Strength training machines can also help with your strength workouts, especially as you desire to work out different muscle groups or push yourself a little further.

Start Your Muscle Growth Journey Today

Boost your confidence, improve your mood, and stay young with these strength training exercises. Strength training is one aspect of living healthy. Don't forget your nutrition and cardio workouts too.

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