How Do I Get Motivated To Workout At Home?

How Do I Get Motivated To Workout At Home?

How Do I Get Motivated To Workout At Home?

Having a place at home to workout is a convenience many cherish. No need to head outside on a rainy, even snowy day. Neither freezing temperatures nor three digit temperatures have to define what type of workout you can do. If you are lucky enough to have a gym already set up at home you are even saving money on a gym membership. The problem becomes staying motivated to get your workouts in while at home. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will show you how to get motivated to workout at home.

Create Your Workout Goals

The first thing you should do is to determine the goals you want to achieve. Write your fitness goals on a piece of paper and place them where you will see them everyday. When you find yourself slacking in your at home workouts, always go back to look at your goals. Your goals will push you forward and will help with any rainy day workout motivation.

Create A Plan

Without a plan you are bound to fail. Sit down with your workout journal to come up with workouts that will both meet your goals as well as workouts that you can do easily at home. Make sure to include both cardio and strength training into your plan.You also want to include the best time of the day will be the best for you to get your workouts done. Typically, for many, working out first thing in the morning is ideal. You get up and get going. However, this does not work for everyone, so do what is best for your particular lifestyle.
Try hard to stick to your schedule. It’s best if you treat these workouts like important appointments that you cannot back out of. When your scheduled workout hits, grab your water and a towel and head over to your dedicated workout area.
Fitness motivation for beginners tip: create, ahead of time, your workout playlist! Have a playlist for cardio and a different playlist for strength training.

Dedicated Workout Space At Home

Ideally, having a gym in your home would be the best dedicated space. However, if you don’t just use a section of your living room or bedroom for your workout. Make sure that this area has the workout equipment you need close by. Having all of your equipment in the same general area will save you time when your workout appointment is near. You will know that when you are in this space, it’s time to get serious.
How Do I Get Motivated To Workout At Home?

Journal Your Progress

When you are going into the gym you tend to try to keep up with others around you. When working out at home, there is no competition to motivate you. So, how to stay motivated to working out? Track your progress. Grab a journal, this can be a journal that has all of your workouts written down, where you are tracking your goals, and it could even have your overall home workout plan in it.
In this journal, keep track of the exercises you accomplished that day, how many reps and how long your workout was. It’s even a good idea to write down how you were feeling prior to working out. You can always refer back to the journal and see that maybe one day you really didn’t want to work out but you did. You’ll even be able to see what workout you did that day. This is just one of the ways to stay motivated to exercise - seeing how far you have come!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where should you put a home gym?

A. A home gym can be set up wherever you have the room. If you have an extra room, convert it into your home gym. If you have no spare space, consider making a place for some workout gear in your living room or office.

Q. How do I organize my home gym?

A. This will depend on where you have your home gym set up. If you have a dedicated room for your home gym, getting pegboards and shelves is ideal. However, if you are limited on space, place a small bin in your space that holds the equipment you’ll need.

Q. How should I store my workout equipment at home?

A. Ideally, you’ll want your workout equipment close to your dedicated workout space, no matter where that is. A closet for the larger items and a storage bin will work for the smaller items.

Q. How should I arrange my gym equipment?

A. Arrange your gym equipment around your space so that it is not in the way of walking in the room and that nobody will get hurt. If you have a treadmill or elliptical machine, think about facing towards the window or the television, whichever you prefer to do while working out.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to get motivated to workout at home. Planning is crucial, however. Without a plan staying motivated to exercise will be difficult. Having a plan in place prepares you for the days when you really don’t want to do it, but push yourself anyway. Dedication to your goals, your plan, and your health will keep you on track.