How Much Physical Activity Do Adults Need?

How Much Physical Activity Do Adults Need?

How Much Physical Activity Do Adults Need?

Can you believe that around half of all Americans don't get enough exercise?

While our schedules may be hectic, it's crucial to prioritize physical activity to keep our health in top condition. If you want to feel incredible, then it's helpful to learn about the physical activity guidelines for adults so you can set goals.

Have you ever wondered how much exercise you should get each week? Read on for the ultimate breakdown.

Physical Activity Guidelines CDC

Different organizations provide varying exercise recommendations. We can always count on the CDC to make evidence-based suggestions. By their standards, adults should strive to get 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise and do strength-training activities at least two days a week.

Do you enjoy breaking a sweat or would you like to free up your schedule? You only have to get 75 minutes of aerobic exercise each week if the exercises are more intense. You'll still also need to include two days of strength training each week.

What Types of Physical Activity Count Toward Your Goal?

Lots of people aren't sure if their aerobic activity counts as moderate or intense. As a general rule of thumb, moderate physical activity raises your heart rate, but you don't feel like pushing yourself too hard. Intense exercise will have sweat pouring down your body.

Some examples of moderate physical activities include speed walking, riding a bike on flat terrain, and mowing the lawn. Intense exercises could include running, hiking mountains, playing team sports, and swimming laps.

It's Good to Surpass the Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults

The benefits of physical activity don't stop once you reach the recommended amount each week. The truth is that you can improve your wellness further if you can maintain an active lifestyle.

Exercising is incredible for your physical and mental health. Mayo Clinic reports that 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity is a good threshold. However, people can reduce their risk of health issues by exercising up to 300 minutes each week.

Can You Exercise Too Much?

After learning about how getting more exercise than the recommended amount can increase the health benefits, you might be wondering if there is a limit. Our bodies are all different, which means that you need to stay in tune with yours to understand your limits.

Rest days are essential because they give your body time to repair muscle tissues. On rest days, you can still do gentle stretching exercises to prevent soreness and increase your flexibility. If you ever feel unwell while you exercise, make sure you slow down or stop to prevent hurting yourself.

Do You Need Help Meeting the Requirements for Exercise for Adults?

Learning about the physical activity guidelines for adults can ensure that you set better wellness goals. Once you start reaping the benefits, you'll have an easier time staying motivated.

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