The Future of Fitness: At-Home Gyms

The Future of Fitness: At-Home Gyms

The Future of Fitness: At-Home Gyms

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Need some convincing? Read on!

With 59% of people working remotely most or all of the time, many have found themselves spending more and more time at home. However, this has also led to less movement throughout the day. For some, combating this sedentary lifestyle is very important. 

This is why setting up a home gym can be a great idea. If you are already working at home, it isn’t too much of a jump to start working out at home. 

By picking up the right home gym essentials, creating an effective workout experience in the comfort of your house is entirely possible. Read on to find out how!

Basic Equipment

If you are looking to create a home gym, there are a few pieces of equipment that work as a great starting point. These will give you something to work with right away before you get into more elaborate setups. 

Look into a dumbbell or kettlebell set. These weights can be used on their own, without anything else. They can get you started with strength training before you get into anything too intense. 

When it comes to cardio, you can look into jump ropes and aerobic steps. These provide you with a type of cardiovascular exercise besides running. 

No matter what you go with, you should also look into floor mats. These can help if you do weightlifting from the ground or even can be a great place to stretch before your workout. Plus, you can do bodyweight exercises on them. 

With the items listed above, all you really need is a blank room. Then, you can start using that space as your new home gym. This is perfect for either a starter gym or a discounted home gym. 

Machines and Equipment

Free weights are helpful but only to a limited extent. There are certain muscle groups that they do not hit and they can only provide a certain amount of resistance in certain directions. This is where machines and other equipment are helpful. 

Some equipment is pretty basic but can be essential. A simple bench can give you more ways to use your dumbbells. When paired with a barbell, it can give you access to even more types of exercises. 

Other equipment can help you exercise specific muscles. A leg extension machine will exercise your legs in ways that are difficult to do with regular weights. Meanwhile, an arm extension machine will do the same for your arms. 

Ultimately, what piece of equipment you go with will depend on the muscles you are trying to train and what else you have access to. If you really want to work on your arms, then a machine focused on arm exercises may be for you. Or, if you are already doing plenty of arm exercises, you may want to look into a machine for your legs. 

Multi-Use Machines

Home gyms are often limited when it comes to space. You probably won’t be able to set up a different machine for each muscle you want to work out. Logistically, a plan like this just wouldn’t work out.

This is why it is important to get the most use out of the space you have. One of the best ways to do this is to set up machines that have multiple uses. 

There are multi-function setups that offer a home gym setup with a single machine. These machines usually have multiple sides that each offer something different. Or, they have adjustable parts that allow a single piece to function in different ways. 

No matter how they are structured, they should offer a way for you to exercise different muscles. This way, they provide you with access to a better and more well-rounded workout. 

Something like this may even be helpful for those looking for small home gym ideas. As long as you have space for a single machine, you have space to get your gym started. 

Cardio Exercises

Those who know the importance of working out may already go for regular runs. However, there are plenty of other cardiovascular exercises out there. 

Ellipticals provide an experience that is similar to running. However, they put less pressure on your feet, which may be helpful for those recovering from injury. Plus, they activate your arms while running, giving more of a full-body workout. 

Treadmills can even provide an experience that is more effective than just going for a run. With their ability to adjust speed, adjust the slope, and even track progress, they are more robust than a city street. 

There are plenty of other cardio options too. Exercise bikes, rowing machines, and more all exist. The best gym equipment is gym equipment that you will actually use, so just make sure to pick the machine you will enjoy the most. 

Getting your cardio done at home also has another advantage over just going for a run. If you set up a TV in your workout room, you can catch up on your favorite shows while getting healthier. 

Entertaining yourself while working out is one of the more effective fitness tips. You may even find that you work out for longer periods of time when you have some sort of entertainment on display. 

Getting Your Home Gym Essentials

A few home gym essentials can turn a blank room into a world of improvement. With this, those who understand the benefits of exercising can do so any time they want. 

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