Trends Transforming The Fitness Industry

Trends Transforming The Fitness Industry

Trends Transforming The Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is always evolving, and always popular. Home fitness alone has a market of over $17 billion. From the Hula Hoop to Jazzercise to Tae Bo to Zumba, the fitness industry has seen plenty of trends in fitness over the years.

What's trending for 2023?

It's more than exercise routines. 2023's fitness trends are about working out when you want, where you want, and achieving overall fitness. Here's what 2023's fitness trends for living healthy are.

Biohacking Your Body

Biohacking is a self-improvement technique for optimizing your body. Biohacking varies from one person to another and is highly personal. Instead of being one technique, biohacking involves multiple approaches.

A biohacker (someone who practices biohacking) may attempt to optimize their sleep, improve their diet, take multivitamins, improve their fitness routines, and do other things in order to improve their health and physical and mental performance.

Biohacking isn't new. However, the rise of wearable technology has increased in popularity, due to users now being able to better monitor their sleep, heart rate, and other metrics via fitness equipment. Now biohacking is one of the more popular fitness trends.

Home and Online Gyms

During the pandemic, many former gym goers and new gym goers tried online workouts or hybrid gym/home memberships. Affordable gym equipment allowed many to work out from the comfort of their home. Some home gym equipment, such as higher-end treadmills and exercise bikes, allows for personalized training due to video screens and virtual coaches.

Home gyms are here to stay, with many converting their guest room, attic, or basement into a home gym. Others use the corner of their garage, shed, or guest house. If you're looking to save money and make your gym budget-friendly, here are a few tips.

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Functional Fitness

Another big fitness trend is functional fitness. Functional fitness is all about enhancing one's daily living. This means improving balance and coordination, endurance, and functional strength.

The goal of functional fitness is to do workouts that train your muscles together and prepare them for your everyday tasks and movements. Examples of functional fitness include dead lifts, assisted lunges with presses, and resisted squats with overhead presses.

Functional fitness exercises can make your everyday life easier, and prevent injury. They may be great for all ages. Some of these exercises can be low-impact, and great for seniors or sedentary adults.

Make Living Healthy a Priority

Living healthy has never been easier with these fitness trends. Whether you are looking to optimize your sleep, set up your home gym, or improve your everyday functional health, take note of these trends. These fitness trends aren't just for fitness influencers or celebrities, they can be easy and accessible for anyone.

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