SFE Resistance Bands Full Set of 5 (Light to Extra Heavy)



SFE’s Resistance Bands are made from durable latex rubber and come in eight different color-coded resistance levels. Bands Red and Black offer light resistance for general conditioning/rehab; Purple and Green deliver “average” resistance for banded bench presses and squats + more intense mobility work; and Blue provides maximum resistance for experienced, high-level athletes looking to get more out of their squats, deadlifts, leg presses, shrugs, etc.

Customers can order the band or bands best suited to their needs, whether they want a better way to stretch in their home gym or they need to fully equip a large training facility with a variety of bands for multiple uses.


  • General Mobility Work
  • Speed and Agility training
  • Banded Squats

  • Banded Bench Presses
  • Pull-up Assistance
  • Jumping

  • Plyometrics
  • Aerobics
  • Flexibility Exercises

  • Stretching
  • General Conditioning
  • Prehabilitation / Rehabilitation

Variants in Bundle:

  • Red- Extra Light
  • Black - Light
  • Purple - Medium
  • Green - Heavy
  • Blue - Extra Heavy 

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