Premium Reversible Yoga Mat 5MM (New)

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Type: Exercise Mat
Elevate your yoga practice with the JAXJOX TPE Yoga Mat. Crafted with quality and performance in mind, this lightweight and durable mat is designed to enhance your yoga experience wherever you go.


The JAXJOX TPE Yoga Mat is the perfect companion for yogis of all levels. Whether you're practicing at home, in the studio, or on-the-go, this mat delivers exceptional performance and comfort.

Key Features:

1. Lightweight and Portable: With its lightweight construction, the JAXJOX TPE Yoga Mat is easy to carry and transport. Take it with you to the studio, pack it in your gym bag, or bring it along for your outdoor yoga sessions. It's designed to be your reliable companion wherever your yoga journey takes you.

2. Double-Sided Non-Slip Surface: Perform your yoga poses and movements with confidence. This mat features a double-sided non-slip surface, providing excellent grip and stability. Whether you're flowing through Vinyasa sequences or holding challenging poses, feel secure and grounded on the mat.

3. Enhance Mind-Body Connection: Immerse yourself in the practice and boost mental acuity and alertness. The JAXJOX TPE Yoga Mat creates a supportive foundation for your yoga practice, allowing you to focus on your breath, movement, and inner connection. Experience the transformative power of yoga with every session.

4. Elevate Your Fitness: This mat is not limited to yoga alone. Use it to add variety to your fitness routine and bump up your heart rate. Incorporate bodyweight exercises, Pilates, or stretching routines to increase your calorie burn and achieve a well-rounded workout.

5. Eco-Friendly and Recyclable: Care for the environment as you care for your well-being. The JAXJOX TPE Yoga Mat is made from 70% TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and 30% EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate). It is 6P free, recyclable, and eco-friendly, allowing you to align your practice with sustainable choices.


- Material Composition: The JAXJOX TPE Yoga Mat is crafted with 70% TPE and 30% EVA, ensuring a balance of comfort, durability, and eco-consciousness.

- Dimensions: This mat provides ample space for your practice, with dimensions that support a variety of poses and movements.

Elevate your yoga practice with the JAXJOX TPE Yoga Mat – the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and sustainability. Embrace the joy of yoga, increase your mindfulness, and experience the benefits of a dedicated and supportive yoga mat. Unleash your potential on and off the mat, and let the JAXJOX TPE Yoga Mat become your foundation for holistic well-being.

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