SFE Commercial Iso-Lateral Bench Wide Chest

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1. Precision Training with SFE Iso-Lateral Bench
Elevate your chest workouts to new heights with the SFE Commercial Iso-Lateral Bench Wide Chest. Experience a higher degree of converging motion compared to the Decline Press, ensuring targeted and effective muscle engagement. The machine's wider start position is specially designed for larger users, providing a comfortable and efficient exercise experience.

2. Customizable Workouts for Every Fitness Level
Take control of your fitness journey with the SFE Iso-Lateral Bench's optional counterbalance feature. This unique addition allows you to eliminate the weight of the exercise arm, making it adaptable to users of all strength levels. The Iso-Lateral motion ensures equal development of strength, offering a comprehensive and balanced approach to chest workouts. As one of Hammer Strength's top ten-selling machines, this bench is a testament to its effectiveness and popularity.

3. Compact Design, Maximum Results
Achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing space with the SFE Commercial Iso-Lateral Bench. With a machine size of 48.0315 inches * 88.3858 inches * 70.2756 inches and a weight of 414.47 pounds, this bench combines a compact design with heavyweight performance. The precision-engineered Tube 1 and Tube 2 dimensions provide stability and durability, ensuring a safe and effective workout every time.


  • Machine Size (LWH): 48.0315 inches * 88.3858 inches * 70.2756 inches
  • Tube 1 Dimensions: 1.9685 inches * 3.9370 inches * 0.1181 inches
  • Tube 2 Dimensions: 1.5748 inches * 3.1496 inches * 0.1181 inches
  • Machine Weight: 414.47 pounds

Key Features:
- Precision Chest Training
- Customizable Fitness Levels
- Compact Design, Maximum Results
- SFE Iso-Lateral Bench: Top Seller
- Elevate Your Chest Workouts
- Iso-Lateral Bench
- Wide Chest Training
- Customizable Workouts
- Compact Fitness Equipment
- Top Selling Hammer Strength
- Precision Training Bench

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Found the treadmill I was looking for at a great price and it was 15% off the sticker price. Came home to find a free one year ifit gift card inside which made the deal even better. Highly recommend for sports equipment at a better cost!

I bought a piece of equipment on sale, at a great price. And they put it together for me. There wound up being a problem with it, but they had me bring it in and resolved the issue with no hassle. They actually went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. I'll definitely be a repeat customer and am talking my friends into buying some equipment.