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      How to Care for a Treadmill

      How to Care for a Treadmill

      Despite the fact that not many treadmill owners do it, maintenance every now and then is necessary for its optimal performance. So, how to care for a treadmill? Although not many people know how to maintain a treadmill, this process is not too difficult. The truth is that there are three simple routines to follow to learn how to care for a treadmill. Moreover, as some NordicTrack treadmills fold up the maintenance will be even less difficult. Continue reading to keep your treadmill working properly for a long time!
      How to Care for a Treadmill

      Clean Under Your Motor Cover

      Commonly, motor covers get clogged up with hair, dust, and debris. Keep in mind that your equipment needs maintenance just as much as your car needs an oil change. Therefore, if you miss this step, the average life of your treadmill will be reduced.
      In order to do some motor cover maintenance, you will need to take out a few screws and dust or even vacuum everything under the motor cover. Restrain from using a liquid treadmill cleaner, as it could short circuit your machine. Also, be careful with the motor and circuit boards while cleaning your treadmill to avoid damaging them. It is recommended to follow this step every few months, but if you have pets that shed, do it more often.

      Lube the Treadmill Belt

      Some home-gym equipment needs periodical maintenance, and your treadmill is not the exception. To make sure that it keeps moving smoothly when you are using your machine, it is necessary to lubricate your treadmill belt. Keep in mind that the lube you choose must be 100% silicon, as other additives could eat away the belt of most treadmills. Thus, you also need to check the components of any treadmill belt cleaner in advance. If possible, check the owner’s manuals of your gym equipment.
      So, how to lube a treadmill belt? There are two ways to do it:
      Method 1:
      1. Get a treadmill lubricating stick with a handle and a sponge pad at its end.
      2. Lift the belt up on one end and stick the want underneath it with its padded side facing down.
      3. Lubricate way down the deck and repeat on the other side.
      Method 2:
      1. Get a spray bottle to apply the silicone.
      2. Apply the silicon directly from the spray bottle.
      3. Use a sponge to spread the silicon underneath the walking belt for more efficiency.
      Treadmill Maintenance

      Center the Belt

      Another important step on how to care for a treadmill is to center your treadmill belt. After some use, the treadmill belt will migrate naturally, so all treadmill belts will eventually need realignment. All treadmills have some holes with an Allen bolt head towards the end of the deck. Get an Allen wrench and tinker with it to manipulate the back roller that keeps your treadmill belt in place. Adjust the belt with small movements by turning the bolt little by little. When you are done, make sure there is space on both sides of the belt.

      Average Life of a Treadmill

      Average Life of a Treadmill

      As they allow you to use them while watching TV, treadmills are a fantastic option to work out at home. Nevertheless, this type of exercise equipment is not cheap and you want yours to last for a really long time. But how long do treadmills last? Continue reading to find out what the average life of a treadmill is and how to choose the right one for you.

      How to Pick a Treadmill

      Before talking about the average life of a treadmill, you need to know how to choose the right one. To do so, there are two ways you can be sure your new treadmill will last long. The first one is the warranty. You can consider exercise equipment warranties as a guide in the confidence the manufacturers have in their products because they are not willing to make multiple repairs if the product will not last the warranty.
      How Long Do Treadmills Last?
      Pay particular attention to the warranties of the parts, motor, and labor. Labor is the most important one because it represents the most expensive repair in a machine. Therefore, if the labor is two years or more, it means the treadmill lifespan will last long. On the other hand, look for a 5-year warranty for electronics, and a lifetime for the motor and the other parts.
      The other aspect to look for in order to determine the treadmill lifespan is the price. It is well-known that less expensive machines usually have short warranties. So, how much does a treadmill cost? Expect to spend at least $1,500 to make sure you are getting a good product. For top-grade treadmills, you can even go as high as $5,000. However, it might not be necessary to pay that much for a good product.
      In addition to the cost of the machine, consider hiring a professional to help you assemble your new treadmill. If you do it yourself, you might not fit some of the parts correctly, so do not take that risk. The service will cost you around $100 – $200, but it is worth it.

      Treadmill Maintenance

      Basically, maintenance should be done a couple of times a year. You can pay for an annual service or you can do it yourself. This maintenance consists of lubricating the belt, and you can look it up on YouTube. You can either use a silicone-based treadmill lube or ask the treadmill manufacturer for a treadmill lubricant alternative for their machines.

      Average Life of a Treadmill

      According to what the manufacturers say, the average life of a treadmill is about 10 years. However, if you take care of your treadmill properly and lubricate the belt regularly, you can make it last longer. Nevertheless, some of the parts might still fail, and it does not mean that you need a new machine. If the motor fails about four years after the purchase, the lifetime parts warranty will cover the motor, but you will need to pay the labor.
      Treadmill Lifespan

      Best Case Moving Forward

      If buying a treadmill is not possible for you right now, you can still run outdoors or at the gym. However, if owning a treadmill is in your plans, you need to consider where you will place it. Just as other gym equipment, NordicTrack treadmills fold up. This helps you to save some space while your treadmill is not in use. Even when they are heavy and moving them represents a considerably difficult task, treadmills are also a great investment for those who want to work out at home.

      Do NordicTrack Treadmills Fold Up?

      Do NordicTrack Treadmills Fold Up?

      Regardless of the type of treadmill that you are looking for, you can be sure that NordicTrack has great options for you. However, you might have some questions like, “are there folding NordicTrack treadmills available?”
      So, do NordicTrack treadmills fold up? Absolutely! NordicTrack makes both treadmills that do and do not fold up, and this article has the steps to folding one.
      Fold a Way Treadmill

      How Do NordicTrack Treadmills Fold Up?

      Here are the steps you can follow to learn to fold up treadmill and save some space:
      1. Insert the safety key and press the incline button on the treadmill’s display. Lower the incline until the treadmill is totally in a flat position.
      2. Remove the safety key and disconnect your treadmill.
      3. Before lifting, make sure your hands are dry. If you cannot get a solid grip, you can use gloves. Stand at the rear of the treadmill and bend your knees. Grab the sides of the metal frame below the deck without grabbing the plastic foot rails.
      4. While lifting the deck up of your fold a way treadmill, keep your back straight and your shoulders away from your ears. To avoid injuring your lower back, straighten your legs as you lift.
      5. When it is completely perpendicular to the floor, push the frame into place carefully. To be safely locked in the folded position, there must be a click. Listen to the click the latch knob in the center of the frame and under the deck makes when it gets into place.
      If the latch knob is not locked, do not leave the treadmill in the up position. If the deck fell down, it could hurt someone or get damaged and shorten the average life of your treadmill. An important part of caring for a treadmill is being familiar with the way it works and what to do to keep it safe.
      As NordicTrack makes all types of exercise equipment, chances are that you are considering to get one of the NordicTrack treadmills. Space in areas like dorm rooms, apartments, and home gyms is at a premium, so a NordicTrack folding treadmill would be highly convenient. Next time anyone wonders, “do NordicTrack treadmills fold up?” you will be able to answer their question.
      Fold Up Treadmill