Which Elliptical is right for me?

Which Elliptical is right for me?

Which Elliptical is right for me?

The Best Home Gym Equipment

Ellipticals are revolutionary pieces of workout equipment that get your body moving safely because they provide a low-impact cardio workout without straining your joints or lower back and spine like a treadmill or bike might. There are four main types of ellipticals: rear-drive, front-drive, steppers/center-drive, and Freestriders.


Rear-drive ellipticals have their wheel located in the back and their design mimics running. They are the most common style of elliptical and the models you will commonly find in gyms. The downside of these models is that they take up a lot of space and aren't ideal for home use. Front-drive ellipticals have the wheel located at the front and feel more like cross-country skiing when you are using them. Front-drive ellipticals are the typical and more practical choice for the home. Steppers/center drive ellipticals feel similar to climbing stairs or ladders as opposed to jogging or skiing. This type of model is designed to work out abdominal muscles and glutes more than other types, giving users more defined abs and glutes while still providing an effective cardio workout.

Quality Gym Equipment for Less

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Finding a High Quality Elliptical

Finding a high quality elliptical for a good price is easy at the Sports and Fitness Exchange. Here are some of the different models we offer for each style of elliptical:


Rear-drive ellipticals, like the name implies, have the “wheel” or major rotary function in the back of the elliptical. This allows the user to keep a lower profile compared to all the other ellipticals and feels the most similar to running. This is the most common type of elliptical you will see in your local gyms. Nordictrack SE7i SpaceSaver and the Nordictrack SE9i SpaceSaver both offer excellent options and sleek, modern designs. They are pre-equipped with large screens and are designed to collapse and fold up easily for storage.


Front Drive Ellipticals are the opposite of rear-drive ellipticals. They have the wheel in the front as opposed to the back. This puts the user higher up and feels more like a cross-country ski or hiking with poles than it does a jog. The most popular front-drive ellipticals include the Nordictrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical Trainers. They are designed to be stealthy and quiet while you’re using them and never rock or tip over during more intense workouts.


Steppers and center-drive ellipticals are newer but can be found in gyms and in homes. These elliptical trainers feel more like climbing stairs or a ladder as opposed to jogging or skiing.  The big advantage is that these target more of your abdominal muscles and your glutes than the other types of elliptical trainers, providing users with more defined abs and glutes in addition to the cardio workout. The Proform HIIT L6 Elliptical boasts an analog screen and the Proform HIIT H14 Elliptical Trainer features a 14-inch touchscreen, both of which can be used with iFit. These machines have been specially designed for high-intensity training and are sure to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Living Healthy

Mindful movement and exercise can be important components of living well and have been proven to be stress-reducing! An elliptical can also help you achieve your fitness goals and make exercise more convenient and accessible. Visit us in-person or online today at the Sports and Fitness exchange to get started now.