Living Healthy: The 3 Fitness Trends Changing the Way We Train in 2023

Living Healthy: The 3 Fitness Trends Changing the Way We Train in 2023

Living Healthy: The 3 Fitness Trends Changing the Way We Train in 2023

Every year, millions of people make resolutions to live healthier lives by either getting in shape or losing weight. These are two of the most popular New Year resolutions.

However, following up on those resolutions and achieving them is difficult. Living healthy requires dedication, goal setting, and even being aware of the latest fitness trends so you can optimize your workouts and become healthier.

Even in 2023, living healthy will look different than it did in the past. Here are the 2023 fitness trends you need to be aware of.

1. Its No Longer JUST About Fitness

The newest fitness trend isn't fitness - it's wellness. A greater holistic trend of improving wellness will continue. This increasing trend of wellness is about more than nutrition and exercise.

The emphasis is also on sleep, mindfulness, and spiritual and social well-being. It's about living well, which can include making more time for family, social outings, or spa days.

The pandemic has also caused many of us to examine our mental well-being. This could be in the form of quitting a toxic job, practicing meditation, or seeing a therapist.

2. Workouts Are Increasingly Virtual

The trends may point towards overall wellness, but fitness is still very much a part of that. For those that hate going to the gym, home gym equipment is a viable alternative.

However, the COVID pandemic has changed working out at home. Now it's no longer a solitary activity. More and more gym equipment is also offering virtual classes, where an instructor guides you in your cardio or strength training.

Not only can you find quality gym equipment for less, but many of them offer affordable virtual classes - often with a free trial to start you out.

Virtual training is here to stay, with 66% of people saying they prefer it to a gym, and 59% saying they won't renew their gym memberships.

3. Not Everyone Workout Will Be a Marathon

You don't have to spend hours at the gym to see results. Mini workouts are perfect for people short on time, and they don't require a lot of gym equipment. A yoga mat, dumbbells, and a set of aerobic steps can be a great starting point.

If you're consistent you will eventually see results, even if your workouts are short sessions. Just make sure you know how to stay motivated when working out at home.

Ready to Begin Living Healthy in 2023?

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